The Hungarian Numismatic Society (MNT) is based in Budapest, Hungary, its members are all over from a wide range of academic and museum professionals, amateur specialists, collectors and dealers.

Important information:

Phone number: +36-1 327-07-04

Address: 1085. Budapest, Csepreghy u. 4. fsz. 2.

Library's opening hours: Monday 16h-18h, Wednesday 10h-16h , and Tuesday 10h-19h.

Send your articles to be published in the Numizmatikai Közlöny, your inquiery in scientific issues, new membership application, or any other questions regarding the Society to our postal address (1445 Budapest Pf. 282) or by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Official members of the Society can be met on Tuesday during opening hours, however we suggest to fix the appointment prior by phone.

Please note that MNT does not buy or sell coins. For questions regarding the value of your coins we recommend to contact a local coin-dealer.