Membership medal 1905

The annual general meeting of the Hungarian Numismatic Society in 1905 decided the introduction of a membership medal, which was continuously produced until 1914, and then minted periodically for inquiring members. The purchase of the membership medal was not obligatory for the members. The records do not contain accurate information on the number of ordered copies and the name of ordering people.

The medal was designed by Gerl Károly and modeled the first Hungarian crown with a mint date displayed (King Wladyslaw II, 1499).



Legend on obverse:
Some of the coat of arms covered by the rectangular plate, in which the name and date of entry of the members was engraved.


On the reverse Szent László on horse below date of year1499 around legend:


The pieces of 39 mm diameter, made of silver, but there are also bronze specimens.

Initially the medals were struck at Körmöcbánya, but due to the change of political and power relations the subsequent fate of dies became adventurous. As Secretary Lajos Zimmermann, in January, 1919 informed the Board: "Given that the Czechs captured Körmöcbánya, and the mint office equipment is not supposed to be save up, it is questionable whether our pre-deposited dies are there or not. So it is possible that the Society cannot strike new copies of the membership medal."

Then we do not have any data of fate of dies, until early thirties, but the management team started to address the issue again in 1932. Although the Budapest Mint informed the Society that one of the dies was lost, thanks to Lajos Zimmermann repeated calls – in which the Society absolutely insists on the quest of them - the original dies came around. After these 13 pieces new membership medals were made between 1933 and 1941.

In 1964 on the Divisional Board meeting came up again the idea of struck a membership medal, which was rejected on the following grounds: "The Board finds it untimely to deal with this issue, because the old Society membership medal dies cannot be used, however, to take new dies would be expensive. "

Then, due to historical events and economic situation of the Society re-minting the membership medal has not been mentioned nearly for twenty years. The board meeting on 28 September, 1983  István Mészáros, the Secretary-General of MÉE (Hungarian Medal Collectors Association) recommended the repeated issue of the same coin, but because of various difficulties only in 1992 could it take place with the co-operation of the mint of, Géza Szabó engraver, goldsmith in Szeged. The medals were struck from fine silver with named plate inserts. Thanks to the wear of dies, particular care required in the preparation of the medals, which was sold in high-quality at Géza Szabó's Mint.