10th anniversary 1911

Lajos Berán maintained the plan of the first medal for the society's 10th anniversary, but the Board rejected it on the grounds that "... does not meet the objective, which we aim to". Charles Szentgáli second-librarian recommended the preparation of an jubilee medal mimicking an antique coin. The Board decided to set up a committee intended to make a decision about it, whose elected members were Secretary Lajos Zimmermann, collection- and library ward Gábor Finaly and Charles Szentgáli second-secretary. Just three weeks later, the committee has been unveiled silver and bronze copies of the token planned to 10th year anniversary, based on the idea of Charles Szentgáli, engraved by Charles Exner.




inside laurel wreath:
VOT, below X, i. e. votis decennalibus.



On the reverse in pearl circle
the picture of a Roman war galley.


The token's shape is irregular circle with a diameter of 25-27 mm.
Three lead test struck were minted of the anniversary token, from which one was acquired by the Society's collection, one by the Hungarian National Museum's Numismatics Department and by the designer, Charles Szentgáli. The records show that in the end a total of 51 pieces of silver and 51 bronze pieces were minted at price 2 crown 20 pence and 1 crown 40 pence respectively. In addition, seven pieces of gold items were also minted: in three gold weight at a price 40 crown and 99 pence and in two gold weight for 30 crown and 92 pence. The Scheid company also donated 3-3 pieces of anniversary tokens to the Society made from dutch metal, thicker and thinner copper. From these specimens - similar to the test samples - one enriched the Society, one the Hungarian National Museum Medal Series and one the collection of the Charles Szentgáli.