111th anniversary 2012

The Hungarian Numismatic Society passed its 111 years in May 2012. Until now always a medal was issued for the round jubilees to remember the important occasion. For this unusual 111 number a token was suggested by the directorate. The irregular shape of this token also allude to it, no such medal has been made in the Society yet.

The design was supported by sculptor 
Barnabás Holló with his statuette of László Réthy, that displays the first president of Society in his typical mantle, holding his walking stick in his left hand, along with his fully packed bag, while keeping his hat in his right hand and greeting the presenting people: Szervusztok fiúk! (Hi guys!)


The base level of this token shows a part of the membership medal of the Hungarian Numismatic Society. A hand turns up another image level from the left and the legend becomes visible: : 111 / ÉVES / A MAGYAR NUMIZMATIKAI / TÁRSULAT. (The Hungarian Numismatic Society is 111 years old) Below the monogram of the artist: CZS.


The formelrly mentioned sculpture decorates the reverse. One-one piece of this sculpture can be found in the library of the Society, and in the medal cabinet of the Hungarian National Museum.  Legend: „SZERVUSZTOK FIÚK” / RÉTHY LÁSZLÓ / (1851–1914). (Hi guys!)


The token was designed by Zsuzsa Csóka, and made by Géza Szabó (Szeged Mint), according to the preordered number by the members, (23 gold, 30 thick silver, 30 thin silver, and 70 bronze).