László Réthy Medal 2001

The Society founded the Réthy Medal in recognition of scientific work in the field of numismatics - an outstanding achievement or significant life's work. The directorate felt the actuality of its renewal in 2001.  Zoltán Szentirmai one of the most outstanding medalist of the era was charged to make the portrait. The artist created the medal in the light of tradition but modern spirit. The successful portrait  won the admiration of the members.

Rewarded persons: Frigyes Kahler dr. (2001), György V. Székely dr. (2001), Ágnes Makai dr. (2002), Vera G. Héri dr. (2002), Erika Garami dr. (2003), János Raýman (2004), Attila Pandula dr. (2005), János Buza (2006), Miklós Bakos dr. (2008), prof. Günther Dembski dr. (2008), Ivan Mirnik dr. (2009), Tamás Süle dr. (2010)

réthy01 e

The 70 mm diameter cast bronze medal shows portrait in half left, below it legend in half circle DR RÉTHY LÁSZLÓ / 1851 / 1914 is visible.


réthy01 h

Legend around: MAGYAR NUMIZMATIKAI TÁRSULAT MMI (Hungarian Numismatic Society) An irregular rectangular plate in the center is used for engraving the name of the rewarded person, at the lower edge of rectangle the legend  EREDMÉNYES / MUNKÁSSÁGÁÉRT (for successful work) is readable.