25th anniversary 1926


This 127×115 mm size, single sided, cast bronze medal has the following legend in five lines:

(The jubilee of the Hungarian Numismatic Society 1901-1926)


A 25th anniversary was commemorated by Ede Telcs.

A Hungarian style suit wearing man scrutinizes an old coin using magnifying glass, in front of him a worker down on one knee holds a spade in his left hand, while his right hand lays down on a mug containing treasured coins. The artist made this placket for free as a tribute to the Society, the cast of the first piece was 4 pengő, the chiseling was 20 pengő. The cast of the remaining pieces cost 3,20 pengő, chiseling was 4,50 pengő. By the end of 1927 40 plackets were made, and 36 were sold. From the remaining 4 pieces the artist kept one, the Society's collection got one, and for the activity during an excursion to Győr, the secondary school of Order of Saint Benedict of Győr and dr. Csősz Gyula got one-one. In 1933 five new pieces were cast. We have no information on additional pieces.