László Réthy Medal (2013)

The Hungarian Numismatic Society's most prestigious honorary medal is the  Laszlo Réthy Medal Award, which is awarded by general meeting of the Society for the scientific work in the field of numismatics in recognition of outstanding achievement or significant life's work. Last renovated in 2001, but the Society has run out of copies to be awarded. The new medal was made by Martha Csikai sculptor and medalist. The cast bronze medal has 80 mm in diameter.

Rewarded persons: Soós Ferenc (2014)

The 80 mm diameter cast bronze medal shows portrait in half left, below it legend in half circle DR RÉTHY LÁSZLÓ on the right side 1851- / 1914 is visible.


Legend on the reverse:
EREDMÉNYES MUNKÁSSÁGÁÉRT (for successful work),
below A MAGYAR / NUMIZMATIKAI / TÁRSULAT (Hungarian Numismatic Society) and initials of the medalist are visible.
The empty field forming a coin is used for engraving the name of the awarded person and date of issue.
On the sample piece the MNT letters are engraved (the initials of the Society in Hungarian).