László Réthy Medal 1976

The Society founded the Réthy Medal in recognition of scientific work in the field of numismatics - an outstanding achievement or significant life's work.

Walter Madarassy made the 80 mm diameter cast bronze medal.

The medals are numbered. A non-numbered sample was placed in the Medal Department of the Hungarian National Museum, another one was given to Frigyesi Jánosné, grand daughter of László Réthy by the directorate. Rewarded persons are: Lajos Huszár (1976), István Gedai (1979), Artur Pohl (1980), Koch Bernhard (1980), Gyula Varannai (1983), Jenő Fitz (1985), Katalin Bíróné Sey (1986), György Vadász (1987), Mihály Kőhegyi (1988), Mária R. Alföldi (1993), Vera Lányi (1995), Melinda Torbágyi (1995), Viktória L. Kovásznai (1997) and Ádám Nagy (1998).

réthy76 e

Date of birth and death of Réthy, 1851 – 1914, and his name RÉTHY LÁSZLÓ is visible.
Half left portrait.


réthy76 h


EREDMÉNYES MUNKÁSSÁGÉRT A MAGYAR NUMIZMATIKAI TÁRSULAT, (for fruitful work, The Hungarian Numismatic Society) A plate decorated with a branch in the center is used for engraving the name of the rewarded person.